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Welcome to Oras Python!

OCI Registry as Storage enables client libraries to push OCI Artifacts to OCI Conformant registries. This is a Python SDK for that.

# Install the client
$ pip install oras

And then within Python:

# Create a basic client
import oras.client
client = oras.client.OrasClient()
client.login(password="myuser", username="myuser")

# Push
client.push(files=["artifact.txt"], target="ghcr.io/avocados/dinosaur/artifact:v1")
Successfully pushed ghcr.io/avocados/dinosaur/artifact:v1
Out[4]: <Response [201]>

# Pull
res = client.pull(target="localhost:5000/dinosaur/artifact:v1")

To get started, see the links below. Would you like to request a feature or contribute? Open an issue .