When contributing to Oras Python, it is important to properly communicate the gist of the contribution. If it is a simple code or editorial fix, simply explaining this within the GitHub Pull Request (PR) will suffice. But if this is a larger fix or Enhancement, it should be first discussed with the project leader or developers. You can look at the OWNERS file of the repository to see who might be best to ping, or jump into the #oras channel in the CNCF slack.

Please note that this project has adopted the CNCF Code of Conduct . Please follow it in all your interactions with the project members and users.

Pull Request Process

  1. All pull requests should go to the main branch.

  2. Follow the existing code style precedent. The testing includes linting that will help, but generally we use black, isort, mypy, and pyflakes.

  3. Test your PR locally, and provide the steps necessary to test for the reviewers.

  4. The project’s default copyright and header have been included in any new source files.

  5. All (major) changes must be documented in the in the root of the repository, and documentation updated here.

  6. If necessary, update the

  7. The pull request will be reviewed by others, and the final merge must be done by an OWNER.

For contributing to documentation, see our Developer Guide . If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to open an issue .