The module is available in pypi as oras , and you can install as follows:

$ pip install oras

You can also clone the repository and install locally:

$ git clone
$ cd oras-py
$ pip install .

Note that we have several extra modes for installation:

# Interactions are done via the docker client instead of manual
$ pip install oras[docker]

# Install dependencies for linting and tests
$ pip install oras[tests]

# Install everything
$ pip install oras[all]

Or in development mode, add -e :

$ pip install -e .

Development mode means that the install is done from where you’ve cloned the library, so any changes you make are immediately “live” for testing.

Docker Container

We provide a Dockerfile to build a container with the client.

$ docker build -t oras-py .

$ docker run -it oras-py
$ ipython
> import oras